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Best Places to Photograph the Frankfurt Skyline

The “Mainhattan” Skyline in Frankfurt-am-Main is probably one of the best in Europe. There are many great places to see and photograph it. Below we round up the best places to photograph the Frankfurt Skyline.

Railway bridge next to the European Central Bank.

For me, the number one best place to photograph the Frankfurt Skyline has to be the ‘Deutschherrnbrücke’ railway bridge. The bridge crosses the River Main beside the new European Central Bank building. The view has the river in the foreground, with its old bridges with the modern skyscrapers in the background. Arriving just before dusk allows you to see the transformation of this metropolis. Go in winter for a special treat, because then it is dark long before the office lights are turned off.

Photograph from the Deutschherrnbrücke - The best places to photograph the Frankfurt Skyline
The best place to photograph the Frankfurt Skyline

Top of the Main Tower

The Main Tower is the cylindrical skyscraper in the heart of the financial district. There is a viewing gallery at the top which is open to the public. For just a small fee (much less than I have paid in many other cities) you can take in the city from above. Because the Main Tower is close to the other skyscrapers, you don’t get the same panorama before your eyes. Instead, this is a truly excellent location for seeing the huge towers up close and personal.

Galleria Kaufhof Roof-top Restaurant

If you are in the Zeil, Frankfurt’s main shopping district you can combine a short break for a cup of coffee (or even a meal) with a great view of the Frankfurt Skyline. Pay a visit to the self-service restaurant on the top floor of Galleria Kaufhof (one of Germany’s main department stores). Most importantly though, wander out onto the rooftop terrace for a great view of both one of the best places to photograph the Frankfurt Skyline and to watch the buzz of people going about their daily lives in the street below. What better way to spend an hour?

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