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How to Get The Best Price for Hotels

We will show you how to get the best price for hotels.

The price of a hotel room is not always the same as the hotel room price. We will show you how to get the best price for hotels. It often depends on where you book. Often, the most expensive place to book a hotel room is direct with the hotel itself. This can be either by calling the hotel directly or by booking online on their website.

Our advice to you is to book through one of these hotel price comparison websites, which will not only display a list of all the available hotels at your destination but in some cases also show the range of prices on offer with different booking agencies.


As well as being what I consider to be the best website for finding the best prices for flights, Skyscanner is also a great way how to get the best price for hotels.

If you have a specific hotel in mind you can type in the name or of course, you can enter the destination location into the search. After that just put in your travel dates, how many people are going and how many rooms you need and start your search.

In return, you will get back a list of hotels, listed by default in order of the ‘best’ hotels, which seems to be based on a combination of user reviews and the number of reviews. If you are price conscious you can switch the order to be based on price, or perhaps even more importantly, the distance to the city centre.

To help with choosing the hotel which suits you best you can read the details about all of the hotels as well as reading the reviews and seeing many great photos and videos so you know what you can really expect.

For each hotel, you will be able to see the prices currently available at various booking agencies (, Expedia, LateRooms,, etc.) and shows which one of them has the best price. You will be automatically transferred to the booking agency to find all the details and make your booking.


Simply enter your destination, your arrival and departure dates and whether you want a single, double or family room (or even multiple rooms) and Trivago will immediately show you the hotels which have availability on those dates. You can then further filter the results by choosing your price range and filtering out hotels based on certain criteria (such as feedback ratings, those which don’t have WiFi or those which don’t accept pets).

Choosing which hotel is right for you is simplified by the huge amount of reviews which the site has collected, in addition to the official star ratings.

How to get the best price for hotels – Other sites worth checking

Other sites which also show you how to get the best price for hotels and also worth a look include:


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